South America Spanish School - Program :: Spanish in Bolivia - Sucre

Our programs provide you with the BEST methodology and atmosphere to learn Spanish and to meet your needs and expectations. We have well equipped facilities. We combine communication, grammar, audio, writing and reading materials with a natural and cultural diversity of Sucre - Bolivia; making learning more dynamic and flexible guaranteeing to make languages studies successful.
Before beginning courses at our school, students who have a previous knowledge of the language will be tested to determine the appropriate course level. We have a complete range of up to date Spanish material, to which you will have access as a student of South America Spanish school.
I. This level is designed for students who are studying Spanish for the first time. By the end of the course, they will know the basic element of the language and we able to communicate in specific situations.
II. This level is designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish. By the end of the course, they will have a better understanding of grammar and vocabulary.
In these two levels, students will increase their vocabulary and practice more grammar. The emphasis of these courses to increase the student’s ability to communicate, comprehend, and express themselves more effectively in a variety of different situations.
In these two advanced courses, students will be taught a deeper understanding of more complex structures of Spanish grammar. Their vocabulary will be enriched with specific themes developed in the course.
This course is orientated towards students whose goal is to reach perfection in Spanish. This means more practice of the grammar topics determined by the students needs. This course provides extra attention to vocabulary, with an emphasis on the idiomatic expressions that will enable the student to speak fluent Spanish in any given situation or conversation.
100% Language Immersion!!!
One teacher, one student.
• Students choose how many hours of study per day/per week.
• Lessons available 7 days a week.
• Live with a Bolivian family.
• Progress at your own speed
• Make your own program.
• If you wish, change teacher each week.
Usually classes are held between Monday and Friday. If you wish you may also receive classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Students can choose to take their lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon , or for those who are really determined – you can take lessons morning AND afternoon!!!!.

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Learning Spanish in South America
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Learning Spanish in South America is in my opinion the best way to learn the language, as you will exposed to the language on a constant basis. We took 6 weeks of classes


Jamie Bastedo & Brenda Hans, Canada

My wife and I were were impressed with the quality of teachers, their ability to tailor lessons to meet our specific needs, and to provide fun and practical excercises. The tranquility of the setting was an additional bonus considering the school´s central location. We also enjoyed the movies, meals, and livey discussions which brought us closer to the heart of this beautiful city and country.