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Our Philosophy

At South America Spanish School we know the local people and we offer them the opportunity to learn English and Spanish. You have to understand, the people of Chuquisaca, who grow up outside the more populated areas (los Campesinos) don´t learn to speak Spanish, they speak Quechua.

As well as offering our students the opportunity of volunteering with other programs and charities, our students can also assist the Spanish School team to teach orphans and other disadvantaged Bolivians how to communicate in English. This is an opportunity that these Bolivian children and teenagers would not normally have.We do this in the hope that these people will one day have a chance to work. We want these children to have an opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

We also donate some of the profits of the lessons we provide to you and your friends to buy essential supplies to the orphanages we work with. Things like toilet, nappies, milk and bread; the things that they really need, and rely on help to give the children they care for a chance in this world.



Sucre, the best town to learn Spanish. The South American Spanish School is located in the center of Sucre city, one of South America's most interesting and fascinating cities. Also known as the “White City”, Sucre boasts a welcoming and attractive atmosphere to everyone who has the opportunity to visit it.

In and around the neighborhood you will find shops filled with handicrafts and artwork- many owned by the artists themselves. There is also a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, travel agencies and internet cafés, and plenty of information for tourists at hand.

There is also a big university and a lot of students who fresh up the atmosphere.


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Learning Spanish in South America
Fecha de Realización

Learning Spanish in South America is in my opinion the best way to learn the language, as you will exposed to the language on a constant basis. We took 6 weeks of classes


Jamie Bastedo & Brenda Hans, Canada

My wife and I were were impressed with the quality of teachers, their ability to tailor lessons to meet our specific needs, and to provide fun and practical excercises. The tranquility of the setting was an additional bonus considering the school´s central location. We also enjoyed the movies, meals, and livey discussions which brought us closer to the heart of this beautiful city and country.